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Greetings to the community of Cypress and Northwest Harris County! We are excited that you have discovered our online presence and encourage you to take a tour to learn more about us. On behalf of the over 200 members of the Alpha Alpha Eta Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated  , I am humbled and excited to serve as the third President of this award-winning chapter. As I told the chapter during my inaugural speech in January 2022, I have tagged my administration "Next Level in Sisterhood, Service and Scholarship," which means we continue to embrace and showcase the high ideals of our beloved sorority. This chapter models sisterhood, renders service to all mankind and as scholars, leads in excellence.


From the sorority's founding on January 15, 1908, on the campus of Howard University in Washington, DC to the current international organization with over 121,000 active undergraduate and graduate members around the world, the members of Alpha Kappa Alpha have been at the forefront of change for over 115 years. The Alpha Alpha Eta Omega Chapter is excited to implement and execute the dynamic international program Soaring to Greater Heights of Sisterhood and Service under the leadership of our International President and CEO, Danette Anthony Reed.

As we celebrate our fifth Charter Day and Anniversary on June 9, 2023, we reflect on all our accomplishments including rapid chapter growth, winning awards at the regional and international level, and having deep partnerships in the community and

with other Divine 9 organizations in the surrounding area. We invite other community organizations to partner with us in

executing programs of service in our community. If you are a member of the sorority and are looking for a chapter, we invite

you to visit us at a monthly meeting or public event.

Humbled to lead and excited to serve!

Carla Coleman Butler

President, 2022-2023





Executive Committee



Felicia Scott

1st Vice-President

Adrienne Tanner

2nd Vice-President

Nikki Hamler
Business Manager

Carleen Francois

Verna Brunson
Ivy Leaf Reporter

TeneInger Abrom Johnson

Jacqueline Gaines
Corresponding Secretary

Olivia Hayes
Recording Secretary

Tammy LeSure
Asst. Recording Secretary

Melody Collier

*Kawanna Phillips

Andrea Stallworth

LaTosha Busby Hemphill


Cassandra Robinson-Bacon

Heather Zenon
Financial Secretary

Stacey Sias Milton
Asst. Treasurer

Jazzmun Robinson
Asst. Financial Secretary

Kisheena Williams

Not Pictured:

Tracy Early

Rita Carden Runnels

Shana Lewis

Amanda Valentine

Talesha Wade
NPHC Representative



Bonitta J. Saulsberry

Immediate Past President

Chartering President

Jolanda Hoskin Thomas

Former Presidents
Service - T.png

After receiving the Official Interest Group Application from 24th South Central Regional Director, Mrs. Chelle Luper Wilson, the trio hosted the first meeting on October 14, 2012, at The Word of God Christian Fellowship (WOGCF) Church, and twelve AKA members attended. The first application was submitted with the names of 25 general members to the Regional Director on September 27, 2013.

The word of a possible Cypress/Northwest Harris County AKA chapter spread fast, and our membership roster grew. In 2015, we submitted another complete Interest Group application with 57 general members and HMAC letters of support.





Chapter History

For several months in 2011, Jeanne Banks and Jolanda Thomas occasionally shared thoughts about one day not having to drive so far to be involved with their beloved Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated  , and the absence of a significant presence of the Divine Nine in the Cypress, TX area.

At the 2012 AKA Houston Metropolitan Area Chapters' (HMAC) Cluster Retreat, Bonitta Saulsberry and Jeanne discussed some of the same concerns, and it was at this Cluster Retreat where Jeanne formally introduced Bonitta and Jolanda by way of the trio’s common vision.



On August 22, 2016, we submitted our application to the 25th Regional Director, Ms. Katina M. Semien, Esq. Through ongoing communication with Regional Director Katina Semien and her office, the long-awaited word finally came! In June 2017, Regional Director Semien conferred the Directorate’s approval decision,and we became an Official Interest Group of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated  .


The book was closed on the membership serving as an Official Interest Group of AKA on  June 9, 2018, when Alpha Alpha Eta Omega Chapter was chartered with 71 charter members and ten dedicated Revitalized Pearls With Purpose Interest group members. We commit to never close our hearts, minds, or service to Cypress and Northwest Harris County. We, the Ivy-strong members of Alpha Alpha Eta Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated   are ever committed to serving with agape love and sisterhood always on our minds and forever in our hearts!





2023 AAEtaOmega Website(8).png
  • Joycelynn Ashton

  • Jeanne Banks

  • Denise Batie

  • Hazel M. Berry

  • Zakiya Bircher

  • Josette Bradford

  • Deborah T. Branch

  • Toiya A. Braud

  • Victoria T. Brown

  • Verna Murial Brunson

  • Carla Coleman Butler

  • Lila Carden

  • Taviea Carey

  • Toniqua Carrier

  • Cassandra A. Christian

  • Melody Collier

  • L. Danielle Crusor

  • Chiante C. Deal

  • Dametria M. Douglas

  • Melody Douglas

  • Margaret Ducre

  • Valeria S. Edmonds

  • Davitka Hamler

  • Roslyn A. Harris

  • Lastenia Holton

  • Camellia Jackson

  • Chelsea James

  • Erica Johnson

  • TeneInger Abrom Johnson

  • Wanda Johnson

  • Andonnia Maiben

  • Myra H. Mallett

  • Candace McAlester

  • Rosalyn J. McCollum

  • Isis R. McCraw

  • Stacey Milton

  • Danielle Barrois Moses

  • Sonerka Mouton

  • Dandridge Murray

  • Paula J. Northern

  • Arthena G. Peavy

  • Stacey L. Prevost

  • Kelly A. Redmon

  • Talya Robertson

  • Jazzmun Robinson

  • Cassandra C. Robinson-Bacon

  • Cashyona D. Tillis

  • Kenya Turner

  • Shona H. Turner

  • Brittany Villard

  • Angela R. Vital

  • Talesha Wade

  • Melanie Walker

  • Ifetayo West

  • Kisheena Williams

  • Marsha Kay Wilson

  • MiSchelle Alexs Wilson

  • Betty Wilturner-Zenon

  • Heather Zenon

  • Keisha L. Rondeno

  • Aretta Carden Runnels

  • Bonitta J. Saulsberry

  • Felicia J. Scott

  • Abneshia Steele

  • Niah Sudduth

  • Adrienne Tanner

  • Keisha W. Tanner

  • Shonda C. Taylor

  • DeKeisha Thomas

  • Jolanda H. Thomas

  • Yvonne Thomas




2023 AAEtaOmega Website(9).png

On Sunday, December 12, 2021, Alpha Alpha Eta Omega welcomed 60 new members to the chapter. The initiation ceremony was a historic first for the chapter and it signified our commitment to expanding Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated's   reach and impact of being "Supreme in Service to all Mankind".

Service - T.png


Fall 2021 Intiates
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